New York City Boudoir Photographer | Capturing Your Body, Beauty and Brand As a Masterpiece

Have you ever desired to capture your beauty, body AND brand as a masterpiece through photography?

Such is the case of wonderful Olivia Dzumaga of Vulcan Ability, who contacted me to for a combined Boudoir and Branding Photoshoot session that encapsulates both the essence of her womanhood as well as that of her brand, which focuses on women’s sensuality empowerment.

Read on and see how we uniquely designed her session to perfectly combine boudoir and branding photography with the timelessness and luxuriousness of Old Hollywood style to a stunning effect: the art of seduction.


Old Hollywood Glamor Gown and Crown plus the ‘Boudoir Bible’ - Boudoir New York City

What made you decide to book a boudoir photography session for your brand and why did you choose Andreea B. Ballen Photography? What can you share about your experience?

"Photography is my favorite art medium; I wanted to capture my body as a masterpiece.

I decided to book with you because the way you capture, through the lens of love, is exactly what I wanted to remind myself with this experience.

I immersed myself in a day to glamour up, play with the angles of my body and with the communication through my body language.

Expressing myself for my brand, Vulcan Ability, through boudoir photography felt like I could show my women what is possible when they are tapped into the embodied Monogamous Seductress. It is to recall our attention to the essence of a woman in her sensual power and how she shows up to her romantic relationship and life."


Why did you choose to create an Old Hollywood vibe for your boudoir and branding photos?

"We take our intimacy too seriously sometimes; there is power in embodying a particular energy because it makes it easier to be bold. One of my pearls of wisdom that I teach in my Vulcan Ability Academy and have workshops for in the Vulcan Ability Library is creating personas in the bedroom. This becomes imaginative and helps us to have fun! I wanted a mix of royalty, glamour - and immediately thought of looks from Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn. There is something elegant and sexy I find in each of those icons’ styles. I value timelessness and a luxurious touch to everything related to my brand, this seemed like a natural flair to add!"

How do you work with women for your Vulcan Ability brand?

“I have a signature program launching called Passionate Vulnerability which helps women love unconditionally and become self-reliant with their emotional needs. I do offer limited spaces to work with me 1:1 for six months customizing the program depending on whatever the Client’s needs are such as deepening trust to the Masculine, better communication skills, unity between the Yoni and physical body. At the end of August, I am also hosting a pop up shop in the back of Brooklyn Diamond to show people the variety of ways to spice up their intimate lives. Essence of Rose is dedicated to softening the image of traditional sex shops and create an inviting environment to welcome intimacy for couples.”


In home boudoir - woman seductively dressing in stockings and garters | New York City Boudoir

Interested in incorporating boudoir photography for your brand? Let’s have a chat and see how we can create an uniquely tailored session that is just right for you.