'Are My Boudoir Photos Private?' | New York City Boudoir Photography & Your Privacy

As a New York City boudoir photographer, my clients’ privacy and their trust in me is of utmost importance (yes, even above making gorgeous, sexy photos together - because let’s face it, nothing beautiful can happen without trust).


Where am I coming from with that? Here is what I mean:

You’ve become interested in boudoir photography and you are searching for THE perfect photographer to capture your unique beauty. You finally find one whose work you really love, then (hopefully) stop and ask yourself:

‘If I photograph with this boudoir photographer, who gets to see my boudoir photos? Will my photos be private? … and if so, who are these women I see on the website - are they all just models who don’t care who sees their photos?’


If you’ve come across my Andreea B. Ballen Photography website, are loving my boudoir photography work but are wondering whether if you shoot with me will your boudoir photos be private and safe (and whether the photos you do see are of models) —- —- the answer here at Andreea B. Ballen Photography to this frequently asked question is always:

All the photos you see, you only get to see because my client has given me explicit permission to use her/their photos publicly- and -

all women on my website are ‘REAL’ everyday women (not models) - just like you.

Rest easy: your boudoir photos are safe with me. It is my boudoir photos privacy policy that you are in control of who sees YOUR photos and if, when or how they are ever shown (or not).


So, whether you are:

  • A little bit shy/private - like this client, who allowed me to share any and all boudoir photos where everything except her face is visible

  • Private - who will leave me a Google review but won't allow me to show any photos

  • Extremely Private - who doesn’t even ever want anyone to know she took boudoir photos!

  • Completely Open - who will allow me to share any and all photos from her session

... YOU are always in control of your privacy when you shoot with Andreea B. Ballen Photography ~ and ~ ONLY YOU get to decide who sees your photos, and just how much you want (or don’t want) to show to the world from the boudoir photos we photographed together.

Interested in booking your own boudoir photoshoot session and want to know more about the privacy of your photos?


My gorgeous client is wearing luxury lingerie from Honey Birdette and luxury heels from Christian Louboutin.