Read on to learn more about boudoir photography in 2023, the boudoir photo shoot experience when working with me at Andreea B. Ballen Photography, news, tips and insights — PLUS see photos from client’s photo sessions and hear about their experiences in their own words.

“Andreea is beyond amazing. From the moment we first spoke on the phone, to the first time I met her, it was like we were friends for years: she makes you feel so comfortable with yourself, and that was what I was most nervous about. This was my first time ever doing a photoshoot like this, and it well exceeded any of my expectations. I would recommend anyone looking to do something as a gift for themselves, their husbands or just for fun to book a shoot with Andreea. Hands down she is amazing. I can’t wait to do another one with her. The photos came out better than I could have ever imagined.” — Danielle Z.

NYC boudoir photography Before and After -1

"Do I need professional hair and makeup for my boudoir shoot?" The answer to this frequently asked question is a resounding: yes!

Don't get me wrong -- I can skillfully capture your raw beauty and sex appeal without professional hair and makeup. BUT. Hear me out.

You have hired a professional boudoir photographer because you want gorgeous pictures of yourself -- not just your regular snapshots or selfies that anyone can take. And you are trusting me to guide you throughout...


Are you a modern edgy bride-to-be looking for an equally edgy bridal boudoir photoshoot to fit your aesthetic and style? You are right to be researching boudoir photographers who will accommodate your vision and create edgy boudoir photos that represent who you are and what you find sexy. After all, you are the star of your photos and this bridal gift keepsake will be treasured for a lifetime!

As a premier New York City boudoir photographer, it's often the case that clients out of...


Have you ever wondered how to DIY a boudoir shoot by yourself at home? As a featured and awarded top NYC boudoir photographer recently featured in SheKnows on how to DIY easy and sexy boudoir poses, here at Andreea B. Ballen Photography I want all women to feel empowered and to take control over how they see themselves and how they want to be seen - and that includes in photos of themselves. And until I get the honor...


Congratulations on your baby bump, mama! And kudos on thinking about celebrating your new curves and honoring this magnificent, quickly fleeting time of your life with pregnancy boudoir photos.

Whether you've already booked your photo session or are still in the 'strongly thinking about it' stage - you might be wondering, 'what do you wear to a maternity boudoir shoot?' Wonder no more: I got you, girl!

Read on for my top 7 pregnancy maternity boudoir outfit ideas that will have you rocking your shoot!

As a top maternity...


Perhaps you've been researching boudoir photo shoots in New York City but got a bit of a sticker shock in the process. Maybe you're asking yourself, ‘how can a professional boudoir shoot be $1000-$6000…or more? Is a boudoir shoot really worth it?’ Truth be told, what’s ‘worth it’ to you will always come down to you and the things you consider loves, priorities and 'musts' in your life. And that’s true of all things. Except boudoir, that’s not a ‘thing.’ And when you read on and realize what boudoir is (and can be, for you), the question...


Want your boudoir photography experience to be AMAZING, empowering, custom-tailored to your unique personality & beauty -- and to make you feel great in every way , every step of the way -- all while culminating in gorgeous artful photographs (read: you, as a modern day art masterpiece)?

As a featured and awarded boudoir photographer in NYC, here are the 5 ‘must ask’ questions I recommend you should ask when interviewing your boudoir photographer before hiring them, below.


Are you curvy and/or plus sized and looking for curvy boudoir photography ideas? Been toying with the idea of boudoir photos - but then pushed the thought out of your mind, thinking that boudoir photos are only for less curvy women? That somehow you're not thin enough to look sexy, that perhaps you need to lose X lbs to be 'camera ready'? Afraid that the photos will prove to you or magnify all those things you nitpick and tear down about yourself when you look in the...


As a boudoir photographer in NYC,'What do I wear to my boudoir photoshoot?' is a frequent question that every one of my boudoir clients gets answered on our Session Design Consultation Zoom call, where we plan your outfits based on your aesthetic, dream vision for your boudoir photos, your comfort level - plus what looks great on camera. One of the constant options that works amazingly for all body types and rocks the...


As a featured and awarded boudoir photographer in NYC, I get tons of calls from women saying, ‘I Would LOVE Boudoir Pics of Me… But I’m So Nervous.’ To that I say, I GOT you, Girl!

Freeing. Transformative. Empowering. That is how clients who have chosen to push past their fear and nerves describe what it was like to actually go through their boudoir photoshoot experience with me.

Want to know why and how you can push through your nerves to get your boudoir photos done - and be so incredibly glad you did? Read on.


As the owner of Boudoir by Andreea B. Ballen Photography, I’m passionate about self-empowerment and self-discovery. I love helping women recognize their own beauty and feel confident in their own body! When you and I work together, you can expect not just expertly posed and beautifully captured images - but also a transformative, self-love experience that will have a positive impact beyond the photos themselves.

Through my boudoir photoshoots...


Proud to have Andreea B. Ballen Photography on the list of best boudoir photographers in New York, NY by for 2022.


Boudoir. You may have read or heard something somewhere about it and wondered: ‘what is it exactly? How is boudoir defined?’ Then still, ‘how do I say it or pronounce it if I want to find out more about it?’

And really, you would not be alone in wondering about this.

Read on to get to get the scoop and never be shy pronouncing it again.


Do you want to feel sexy and see yourself in a new light? Feel more confident or more empowered? Are you trying to find a way to celebrate your body and have a great time doing it? Consider a boudoir photo session!

Read on for why every woman - yes, YOU! - should do a boudoir shoot at least once in her lifetime.


Boudoir photoshoots are meant to help you feel sexy during this gorgeous, extra special time of your life when your body is changing, creating a new life. You’ll be pampered, get your gorgeous on with professional hair and makeup, and you’ll dress up in your favorite lingerie pieces. But did you know that pregnancy boudoir shoots can help your body image, too?

Read on to see the 4 ways Maternity Boudoir helps you improve your body image and celebrate this gorgeous time


Hi there, beautiful! You might have come across this page because you are wondering what boudoir photography is. Maybe you have some friends who have taken part in one of these photoshoots and feel as if they have a new self-confidence that you strive for. Maybe you have seen the trend on TikTok and are now looking to find out what is boudoir really - and for a boudoir photographer in NYC, Westcher, Long Island and beyond, to do your own shoot.



How do you find the perfect gift for your significant other who already has it all? Well, if you've been on the search, I'm here to tell you that the wait is over! If you want a gift for hubby, not just any gift, but truly a gift that keeps on giving, then look no further than boudoir photos!

I’m so glad I got to work with Ms. V to create such a unique for not only her husband but her as well!



If you have a fear of being in front of the camera, you're not alone. Many of the women I work with allow this to hold them back -- until they realize just how fun and easy the process is!

That was the case with Ms. S, a lingerie obsessed connoisseur from the UK who frequently visits New York City, and used to hate having her picture taken but fell in love with it during the process and her boudoir experience with me.



Whether you're interested in a boudoir session or have already booked your session with me, the number one question I always get asked is "How do I prepare for an intimate experience like this?"

No need to worry, I'm here for you every step of the way! That's why I've created a list of 10 ways to help you prepare for your fun, one-of-a-kind boudoir photo shoot experience. From planning your outfits to getting enough rest, you'll know exactly what to do to feel your best on your big...


Something clicks and reconnects us to our confidence and self-worth when we see ourselves in a great photograph we love. This was the case with Ms. A, a bikini competitor, who came to me for a boost of confidence via a boudoir photoshoot experience with Andreea B. Ballen Photography here in New York City.

Her boudoir photos allowed her to see herself in a completely new way and inspired her reach her ultimate dream of training for Ms. Olympia.



Looking to do something different for your birthday this year? A birthday boudoir shoot is the perfect way to spice things up and start this new chapter in your life.

See Ms. F’s 30th birthday boudoir session in her beautiful home with huge birthday balloons and glasses of champagne. It was so much fun!

Read on and see the exclusive photos from Ms. F’s session celebrating her 30th birthday with a fun birthday boudoir photoshoot!


As a top boudoir photographer in New York City, I believe that boudoir is for EVERY woman, no matter her body type or stage in life. I recently did a session with Ms. T who is learning to love her body after having a baby last year and I’m so glad I got to work with her!

There is nothing better than being able to show someone their true beauty and power as they step into the most powerful version of themselves.



As a New York City boudoir photographer, my clients’ privacy and their trust in me is of utmost importance (yes, even above making gorgeous, sexy photos together - because let’s face it, nothing beautiful can happen without trust).


As a New York City Bridal Boudoir Photographer, it is my extreme honor to capture stunning photos of the bride’s unique beauty, vivaciousness and sultriness BEFORE her big wedding day, photos she and her significant other will treasure not just now - but for decades to come.

Now, if you yourself are a bride-to-be, you might ask yourself:...


There is a special beauty, glow and sensuality about a pregnant mama that she needs to see and remember long after pregnancy is over.

It's also true that too often, while in the midst of it all, mamas-to-be may actually feel anything but sexy and sensuous, or beautiful.

So for those of you pregnant mamas looking to (re)capture your sense of self and sensuality during maternity: can a pregnancy boudoir photo session do the trick? Read on to find out how YES, it can!


Kimmay Caldwell is the ultimate boss babe and a total breath of fresh air. Simultaneously embodying Old Hollywood glamour and radical modern hipness with a complete down-to-earth vibe, Kimmay lives and breathes the mantra that she and I here at Andreea B. Ballen Photography both share: Empowered Women Empower Women.



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