What Do You Wear to a Maternity Boudoir Shoot?

Congratulations on your baby bump, mama! And kudos on thinking about celebrating your new curves and honoring this magnificent, quickly fleeting time of your life with pregnancy boudoir photos.

Whether you've already booked your photo session or are still in the 'strongly thinking about it' stage - you might be wondering, 'what do you wear to a maternity boudoir shoot?' Wonder no more: I got you, girl!

Read on for my top 7 pregnancy maternity boudoir outfit ideas that will have you rocking your shoot!

As a top maternity boudoir photographer in NYC who's photographed a whole lot of pregnant mamas to be, I find that women love light and airy modern boudoir looks as much as they opt for dark and edgy maternity boudoir outfits. After all, every woman is different - and some women are a little bit of both!

Here at Andreea B. Ballen Photography, we celebrate each woman's uniqueness by custom tailoring her maternity boudoir session to her aesthetic after assessing her likes/dislikes during her Session Design Consultation. There's no reason to wear something that doesn't feel authentic or comfortable for you just because you are pregnant - right?

So, whether you're the 'girl next door' mama, 'luxury and high glamor' mama, or the 'dark and edgy vixen' mama (or like to mix it up) you might want to consider these options, below.


1. A classic sexy bra and panty set

The classic bra and panty set is a staple boudoir outfit that is both simple to execute and striking to photograph in, allowing you to be the star of the show. Just like with a regular boudoir photoshoot, you want your bra and panty set to highlight your curves and show you off in your best light for your maternity boudoir photos. That's why opting for pieces that fit you well in your now, with your new curves, is super important! You want to feel great and look amazing, so picking up a new set (vs. wearing something that looked amazing on you before your pregnancy bumped up your bra band and cup size) is highly recommended.

Look for beautifully structured bras that lift and separate but don't have you spilling out of the sides or spilling over when you bend forward. For undies, look for pieces that accommodate your belly while also laying flat on your hips. And, don't be shy about showing off the booty - just reconsider the stringy T-back tin favor of a thong with a more substantial V-back, or look for a booty short, hipster or other options.

Maternity-geared shops and boutiques carry gorgeous maternity specific lingerie that will make you feel sexy during your pregnancy and beyond - plus will have you rocking out your maternity boudoir shoot in style while providing glorious comfort. Did I mention many of their bras double as nursing bras?

  • PreggoLeggings - The Lark, Elise, Chloe, Mia and so many more of their sets are favorite pregnancy maternity boudouir outfits
  • Seraphine - loving the contrasting lace as well as the navy lace set here
  • HotMilkLingerie
  • Journelle -Simone Perele Eden and ProjectMe look gorgeous while also being functional. You can find brick-and-mortar locations in NYC
  • Shein - fast fashion Shein also offers maternity boudoir lingerie and sexy nursing bras. If you're budget conscious - or just want something to fit now (that might not fit tomorrow) and look good for your photoshoot

Non maternity-specific shopping options for curvy styles can also work well when you're shopping for maternity boudoir outfits to fit your new curves


2. A gorgeous robe

Whether dramatic and ultra glamorous tulle, sultry silk or flirty and floral - a robe is a magnificent maternity boudoir outfit option. Which one would you choose?

If you are working with me as your maternity boudoir photographer, you can enjoy the use of the dramatic tulle robe for your own shoot as many of my clients choose to do! You can find other colors and options on Amazon or Etsy - where you can also locate a plethora of beautiful yet affordable lace robes.

As for silk or feathers or other gorgeous options? Check out:


3. A white button down 'husband/boyfriend' shirt

Ahh, the white button down shirt. It can pay homage to your partner and layer up over your bra and panty set (or just over your panties) to create a nice varity in your photos. Bring it up a notch with a statement necklace piece to gorgeously bring together this pregnancy boudoir look.


4. An off the shoulder slouchy short sweater

An off the shoulder slouchy short sweater is a perfect 'no fuss' option for the 'girl next door' pregnancy maternity boudoir outfit option. Like with the white button down shirt, pairing it with a statement necklace creates an eye-catching and playfully unexpected contrast.


5. A maternity dress gown - with or without a front split

The maternity dress or gown is a great outfit option for showing off your belly. Choose one with a front split to further accentuate those gorgeous curves you've got going on.

Amazon carries an extensive line of beautiful yet affordable maternity gowns. Etsy is also a great source. Search for maternity 'gown' or 'dress' and look for sheer or lace options. You can narrow down even further to look for 'split front' or sleeveless. The options are endless. Opt for black - or white or soft neutral beiges or rose or other pastels.


6. Bed Sheets for Implied Nude outfit option

Nothing is more freeing than using bed sheets to substitute in a maternity boudoir outfit and create an implied nude look. Plain, white cotton sheets work great - as do satin sheets in beige or grey. A no-no: prints or patterns or florals are a 'no go.'


7. Gold Foil for Tasteful Nudes... that aren't actually nude

Definitively for those who wish to unleash their inner goddess, gold foil is super memorable way to totally skip the pregnancy boudoir outfit. Do make sure to pair with skin tone underwear. With or without jewelry, this is a stunning, unforgettable look that highlights and memorializes all of your curves and pregnant belly in an artistic, striking way way.

What are you thinking of wearing to your maternity boudoir shoot? Are there any outfits that I didn't mention that you think might look great as options? I would love to hear about it. Let's chat! Click below to schedule your complimentary consultation.