Edgy Bridal Boudoir Ideas for the Modern Bride

Are you a modern edgy bride-to-be looking for an equally edgy bridal boudoir photoshoot to fit your aesthetic and style? You are right to be researching boudoir photographers who will accommodate your vision and create edgy boudoir photos that represent who you are and what you find sexy. After all, you are the star of your photos and this bridal gift keepsake will be treasured for a lifetime!

As a premier New York City boudoir photographer, it's often the case that clients out of state or even out of the country will travel to New York City to photograph together so that their vision for their boudoir photos comes alive in the unique way they envisioned. Such is the case of Ms. A, a bride-to-be yoga instructor who traveled from Vermont for her edgy boudoir photo session with me - and the photos are fire! From planning on our Session Design Consultation, to the shopping for all the right pieces to create each look, to the hair and makeup and the shoot itself, we had amazing fun together exploring different sides of Ms. A's personality!!! Check out her session if you too are looking for edgy bridal boudoir photos ideas and inspiration.

Edgy Bridal Boudoir Outfit Idea: Fishnets, Latex & Stiletto Heels

To accomplish this edgy bridal boudoir look, Ms. A coupled large hole fishnet stockings with high waisted panties (a super popular look with all kinds of boudoir clients) and high stiletto heels. She rounded off the look with elbow length latex gloves. To bring the 'edgy' up a notch, though? Ms. left out the bra top, choosing to go topless instead. Sexy, sleek and modern - not to mention strong and daring -indeed.

Super affordable too, this whole look and pieces were sourced from Amazon.com.


Edgy Bridal Boudoir Location Inspiration: minimalistic warehouse look

In order to make this edgy boudoir look pop we needed a location that was minimalistic but equally grungy and edgy. FD Photo Studios in NYC provided the perfect backdrop with its white walls and warehouse style windows. Bonus is this wide window sill perfect for contrasted light and shadow play.


Edgy Bridal Boudoir Outfit Idea: Black Leather Harness and White Bodysuit

The contrasting plain and demure white bodysuit alongside Marie Mur's black leather harness - and let's not forget, black stiletto heels - creates a super edgy boudoir look that is strong, confident and modern. I had Ms. A incorporate the black latex gloves from the last outfit to create a mock blindfold for extra variety in her photos. Oh la la!


Edgy Bridal Boudoir Location Inspiration: shower look

FD Photo Studio's room with a shower creates an extra dramatic and edgy boudoir element - mostly by creating an unexpected scenario that's fun to play in.


Edgy Bridal Boudoir Outfit Idea: a bold bodysuit

Thistle & Spire's Medusa bodysuit is the perfect edgy boudoir outfit option if you are looking for something out of the box for your edgy boudoir photoshoot. Ms. A rocked the look again with the help of the black stiletto heels.


Edgy Bridal Boudoir Album & Client Testimonial

If you're wondering the best way to save and showcase your edgy bridal boudoir photos, look no further than a Boudoir by Andreea B. Ballen Photography Signature Hancrafted Album in textured black leather, Venom. As you can see from my client's testimonial video below, it's an incredible keepsake that is gorgeous, sophisticated - and incredibly edgy.

Ready to discuss some edgy bridal boudoir photo ideas that will fit your aesthetic and personality?