4 Reasons Maternity Boudoir Photoshoots Help Body Image

Boudoir photoshoots are meant to help you feel sexy during this gorgeous, extra special time of your life when your body is changing, creating a new life. You’ll be pampered, get your gorgeous on with professional hair and makeup, and you’ll dress up in your favorite lingerie pieces. But did you know that pregnancy boudoir shoots can help your body image, too?

Read on to see the 4 ways Maternity Boudoir helps you improve your body image and celebrate this gorgeous time

As a mom, former doula - and long time maternity boudoir photographer in NY, I also know that many women feel the least sexy while pregnant. I want to change that, which is why I offer maternity boudoir photo sessions at Andreea B. Ballen Photography in Brooklyn, NY. Moms-to-be deserve to feel as beautiful as they look!

Here are a few reasons how boudoir maternity photography can improve your body image.


You Will Be Proud for Expanding Your Comfort Zone plus Find It’s Totally Fun & Freeing

You probably don’t get photographed by a stranger in your lingerie very often. So, it’s understandable if you’re hesitant about your first maternity boudoir photo session! But, once we get started, you’ll realize it’s not as scary as you may have thought - it’s actually a ton of fun and totally freeing. You’ll expand your comfort zone and enjoy the thrill of trying something new as your body confidence skyrockets! And as your body is proving that it can do incredible things, you can prove to yourself that you truly can do anything badass, bold and beautiful - like a boudoir maternity photoshoot.


You Will Celebrate Your Body

During pregnancy, your body is growing and experiencing many rapid changes. For some, this is totally daunting - but don’t let them get you down, though! You’re growing a human being, and that’s an incredible thing.

Throughout our boudoir photoshoot experience, we’ll celebrate your beautiful body and gorgeous new curves. Even if you haven’t appreciated the changes (yet!), you totally will admire and love yourself in ways you haven’t before- and be thrilled you took the time honor yourself and your body in this special time. Just as my other clients have said, you’ll leave our session with so much self-love and insanely high self-esteem! Plus, you’ll have treasured keepsakes to remember your body after pregnancy.


You Will (re)Discover Your Own Sensuality

You might not feel sexy with a big belly that’s in the way of you seeing your toes, but know that you so very much are! Boudoir maternity photography will help you (re)discover and (re)connect with your own sensuality. Look back on your photos from our session to remind yourself, or share them with your partner to remind them!


You Will Empower Yourself

You’re growing a tiny human inside of you right now, mama: you’re a beautiful, bold, and strong woman! Let’s work together on a maternity boudoir photoshoot to empower you to embrace this time and enjoy it. You deserve to feel good and express yourself, and I want to help!

After you look over your photos from our session, you’ll see yourself in a positive new light. Despite any insecurities you may have now, you’ll finally get to notice the beauty you radiate. And, trust me, you’re going to love it! You might even gain a little appreciation for your perceived flaws, too.


Motherhood is an incredible journey to experience, but throughout its different stages it takes you, it can sometimes feel rough. It might strip you of your body confidence or make you feel like you’re no longer sexy. At Andreea B. Ballen Photography, I want to change that! I believe you deserve to look and feel like the gorgeous woman you are - and have the gorgeous photos to prove it for a lifetime to come. So, book your maternity photoshoot with me today!