Brooklyn Maternity Boudoir Photographer | Looking to Recapture Your Sense of Self & Sensuality while Pregnant?

There is a special beauty, glow and sensuality about a pregnant mama that she needs to see and remember long after pregnancy is over.

It's also true that too often, while in the midst of it all, mamas-to-be may actually feel anything but sexy and sensuous, or beautiful.

So for those of you pregnant mamas looking to (re)capture your sense of self and sensuality during maternity: can a pregnancy boudoir photo session do the trick? Read on to find out how YES, it can!

As a NYC maternity boudoir photographer here at Andreea B. Ballen Photography, I see women as absolutely stunning in every stage of their life - and especially so during pregnancy. Documenting their stunning beauty via maternity boudoir photos is my mission! And why boudoir pregnancy photos, you might ask?

Clients report and studies show that for many pregnant women (with the body changing and expanding while growing a new life inside, curves manifesting all over the place, hormones at full speed), mamas-to-be to be may actually feel anything BUT sexy and sensuous, or beautiful.

So for those of you pregnant mamas looking to (re)capture your sense of self and sensuality: I find it a beautiful GIFT for me and my camera to be able to give you, my seeing in you your beauty that you may not realize right now, and photographing this beauty for you, via maternity boudoir photos, as a reminder in this time that you are absolutely gorgeous and phenomenally sexy! And it's an incredible gift to give yourself not just the photos, but the confidence that you are indeed amazing!!!

Because of this, because I want to show as many pregnant moms as I can that they very much still got IT, I have been photographing a ton of Brooklyn maternity boudoir photo shoots as of late. Well, NYC maternity boudoir photoshoots and Long Island, too, to be fair.


One such mama-to-be near and dear to my heart? Ally. The awesome thing about photographing Ally that I LOVED oh so much (before I even met her!) is that her doting, loving partner reached out to me to book this pregnancy boudoir shoot for her. I find it incredibly sexy for a dad-to-be to want to pamper and care for the mom-to-be, and even more so when he wants her to have a luxurious boudoir experience to photograph this gorgeous time in her life.

And then, I met Ally. Gorgeous, fun, down to earth and super sexy, we hit it off right away. Our boudoir maternity session (in a super fun and colorful Brooklyn NY hotel) was super laid back, and time literally FLEW as we played with fun lashes, different outfits and poses.

Here is what she had to say about it all:

Andreea B. Ballen: What were your initial thoughts about getting boudoir pregnancy photos of yourself done, and why did you ultimately want to do one?

Ally: "I had really wanted to do a boudoir pregnancy shoot even before I became pregnant, because I wanted to be able to capture the beauty of pregnancy and to capture the experience. Once I actually became pregnant, it became a lot harder for me to think of myself (and pregnancy) that way. Fortunately, I'd told my partner how much I thought it would be special and beautiful before I started feeling this way. Once I spoke with Andreea on the phone for the first time, she really helped me feel how fun and special this time is, and I recaptured that desire to have this experience."

Andreea B. Ballen: Did you have any hesitations going into the photoshoot, and if so, what were they?

Ally: "I was a little nervous because my body has changed so much that I wasn't sure that it was something I felt like focusing on so much."


Andreea B. Ballen: How did you feel going into the session?

Ally: "I think getting my hair done the really helped me transition my mood into feeling glamorous and sexy. Andreea chatted with me a bit before the session started and we went over the outfits and jewelry I'd brought, and her excitement about what we had to work with really helped build the energy to have a great session."

... during the session?

"During the session Andreea did an amazing job keeping the energy up throughout! I was so excited to try different poses, outfits and places. I felt so vibrant!"

... after the session?

"I was a little sad that it was over, the energy was so high throughout I would have loved if we could keep going forever! I really enjoyed our time and it really made me feel so glamourous."


Striking mama-to-be striking a fierce pose on bed with white sheets, Brooklyn NY hotel room


Andreea B. Ballen: Has this pregnancy boudoir experience changed how you feel about yourself, and if so, how? Is your list of "What do you love about your body?" longer now?

Ally: "Oh my gosh, seeing my boobs! I've always been small on top, until now, and the top-down view I have day to day really doesn't do them justice. It's so so much fun to see the pictures and enjoy how great they look. My "what do I love about my body" list is definitely longer. My boobs are magnificent."


Andreea B. Ballen: What was your favorite part of the Andreea B. Ballen Photography maternity boudoir photography experience?

Ally: "I got so much help pre-planning; getting ideas and suggestions for what to wear and places to look for photos that I had a great idea of what to expect when we did the shoot."


Boudoir is a state of mind! And the same holds true for Maternity Boudoir. Sexy is - everywhere you are

Andreea B. Ballen: What was the best part about working with Andreea?

Ally: "I really appreciated how at ease I felt with Andreea, which gave me a lot of confidence to shine. I've been really self conscious since I got pregnant about how I look and all the strange things happening to my body that I just don't feel like myself a lot of the time. Andreea really helped me recapture that sense of self, and I feel that again when I look at the pictures she took."


Boudoir Pregnancy Photoshoots - Bringing your Sexy BACK!

Andreea B. Ballen: What did you think when you first saw your photos? What did you like most about them?

Ally: "At first when I saw my photos I couldn't believe it was the current me. I had that spark that I had before I was tired and pregnant. My face glowed, and I looked radiant. It felt so amazing, every time I look at the pictures it really reminds me of what's hiding beneath."


Come hither! Edgy maternity photos, black nails and lingerie - boudoir pregnancy photos, Brooklyn

Andreea B. Ballen: Did you partner get a chance to see the photos?

Ally: "We had so so much fun looking through the photos. We each liked different photos and different things about the photos, but agreed that each one captured something really special."


Red heels and upside down is more fun: Maternity Boudoir Photographer, Brooklyn NY

Andreea B. Ballen: Would you recommend Andreea B. Ballen Photography to other women looking to do a boudoir shoot or maternity boudoir shoot, and why?

Ally: "I would absolutely recommend Andreea B. Ballen Photography. Absolutely. Andreea has a way of exuding fun and confidence in a way that makes it so easy to look and feel your best, so your personality can really shine though in the photos."


Celebrate your maternity with a boudoir pregnancy shoot you will treasure forever


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