Feeling Fabulous & Celebrating Turning 30 with Boudoir | New York In-Home Boudoir Session

Looking to do something different for your birthday this year? Boudoir is the perfect way to spice things up and start this new chapter in your life.

See Ms. F’s 30th birthday boudoir session in her beautiful home with huge birthday balloons and glasses of champagne. It was so much fun!

Read on to see the exclusive photos from Ms. F’s session celebrating her 30th birthday with a fun boudoir photoshoot!

A boudoir photoshoot to celebrate your yourself for your birthday is an ultra memorable gift - and an amazing way to memorialize yourself in this gorgeous new time of your life. Have you considered it?

When Ms. F contacted me for a sexy, fun shoot, she said her main reason for booking her boudoir session was ‘30th birthday gift to myself and to feel better and more confident.’ Indeed, there is nothing like a boudoir photoshoot experience to give you a boost of confidence AND help you celebrate YOU at any age! Add some balloons and bubbly and VOILA - birthday (and every day) BOMBSHELL!


When I arrived at Ms. F’s home with my hair and makeup artist to get her ready for her transformative experience, Ms. F was super excited - yet confessed she had been ready to cancel after a spray tan debacle nearly derailed our fun day! Gladly, with the help of my professional artist (and our girl’s best friend, Photoshop) we saved the day - and delivered on celebrating Ms. F and making her feel and look fabulous. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her photos - and how stunning she truly is!


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