New York City Boudoir Photographer | What to Wear to Your Boudoir Shoot? The White Dress Shirt!

As a boudoir photographer in NYC,'What do I wear to my boudoir photoshoot?' is a frequent question that every one of my boudoir clients gets answered on our Session Design Consultation Zoom call, where we plan your outfits based on your aesthetic, dream vision for your boudoir photos, your comfort level - plus what looks great on camera. One of the constant options that works amazingly for all body types and rocks the sexy factor, from the shy to the brazen? The white button down shirt. Revealing yet concealing, demure yet powerful - it's a sensual powerhouse guaranteed to have you looking awesome in your boudoir shots.

'So I can just wear a simple white button down shirt for my boudoir photoshoot?,' you ask again, perhaps a little incredulously. You betcha!

Read on and see how the classic white button down dress shirt, possibly already a staple in your closet (or in that of your significant other) makes for a super sexy boudoir outfit option.


The White Button Down Shirt Looks Sexy in an Easy, Effortless Way - Boudoir New York City


How to rock the white shirt for your boudoir session

Here are some 5 great ways to wear it for your sexy photo shoot:

  • Just the shirt, over a pair of panties (optional, of course) - and whether the panties are high waisted or a thong or booty shorts, again, completely up to you
  • Over a bra and panty/garter set. It plays well on the masculine/feminine look - and the boyfriend/fiancee/husband finds it cheeky too if you're using his shirt
  • Evoking Madonna of the 90's, over a bullet bustier and a pair of slacks. Hello, sexy androgyny!
  • With stiletto heels and some amazing body jewelry
  • Wet, for your bathtub shots. This one brings the sexy up a notch - and benefits those of you who are shy at the same time.

How do you choose which kind of white dress shirt to wear?

The best shirt is a cotton shirt - or the 'boyfriend' shirt - plain and simple. Whether you wear it crinkled and rumpled (like you just rolled out of bed and grabbed it) or crisp and pressed, it looks amazing all the same. And whether it's large (because it's his - and he will love you wearing it!) or whether it's yours and fitted to your curves, it works really well all the same.

As for 'do's' and 'don't's? Choose a shirt with a high collar vs. one with a rounded collar. Choose a plain texture over any kind of knit or weave as that can photograph to create a moire (distracting optical illusion). And choose a shirt without logos or embellishments as those can detract from the real beauty: you.

Lastly, though I've seen clients wear a silk shirt as an alternative, it actually falls differently on the body - more clingy and more robe-like - and requires pressing for sure. If you opt for this one, make it oversized for sure. And when in doubt, opt for the cotton above!

NYC Boudoir - the white shirt outfit option

Curious about how the white dress shirt works worn in your boudoir bathtub photos? Click below to check it out.

  • Luxury-Boudoir-Photography-by-Andreea-B-Ballen-DSC04678.jpg

Interested in incorporating a simple white shirt to your sexy boudoir photoshoot - but are unsure if it's for you? Let me answer this and any other questions you might have on a free consultation. Click the button below to set up an introductory call. Excited to be speaking with you!