Boudoir Defined: What Is It? And How In the World To Pronounce it? | New York Boudoir

Boudoir. You may have read or heard something somewhere about it and wondered: ‘what is it exactly? How is boudoir defined?’ Then still, ‘how do I say it or pronounce it if I want to find out more about it?’

And really, you would not be alone in wondering about this.

Read on to get to get the scoop and never be shy pronouncing it again.


Personally, I speak to at least one prospective boudoir client every day who feels shy talking about it because, well, she can’t pronounce it - and sometimes also because she can’t fully grasp a way to define it.

Now before I go any further - do, I implore you, know this: there’s never a reason to feel shy or embarrassed talking to me about our session together. Our conversations, as well as our sessions, are always a judgement-free zone.

Know too, I’m a firm believer that to educate yourself is to empower yourself is to feel confident about yourself - and I’m here for you for all of that.

So without further ado, let’s have you confident in speaking about it (especially when you’re excited you’ve just booked your session and want to tell all your besties about it), here it is:

Boudoir, derived from French, is pronounced like ‘Boo-Dwar.’ Yup, that simple.

Funny aside: a woman recently thought of another French word that rhymes with boudoir, armoire - when she fumbled through (her words, I swear) in trying to Google her session with me. Heehee! Yes, an armoire can exist in a woman’s boudoir - it’s a fancy cabinet for clothes (and for lingerie). And neither of us is sure how exactly Google connected the dots, but we’re both surely glad Google did - so that this woman could find me and we could work together. Yay! But I digress.

So now that you know how to say it, what is Boudoir?


Boudoir defined from the original French simply means, a woman’s bedroom or dressing room.

Boudoir defined in photography, on the other hand, is a stylized type of photography that celebrates a woman’s body, femininity and sensuality - whether in the bedroom (or any other room in her house: see here a client who wanted to celebrate herself in most all the rooms of her newly decorated home), hotel room, studio, rooftop, or even private outdoor spaces. The ‘where’ is not as important as the ‘what’, ‘who’ and ‘why.’

These shoots are meant to be sensual, intimate, and empowering to the everyday women doing them. Yes, they can include lingerie (or costumes), to various states of dressed to fully undressed - and everything in between. But whether you are on a self-discovery journey, looking to celebrate yourself, looking for a confidence boost or even to heal from trauma, yearning to memorialize your body before cancer surgery or normalize it after, wanting to stand firmly in your feminine power or wanting to unapologetically and brazenly capture yourself in your now: no matter your ‘why’ - know I am here to help you define how you want to be seen and photographed, through boudoir.

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