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Something clicks and reconnects us to our confidence and self-worth when we see ourselves in a great photograph we love. This was the case with Ms. A, a bikini competitor, who came to me for a boost of confidence via a boudoir photoshoot experience with Andreea B. Ballen Photography here in New York City.

Her boudoir photos allowed her to see herself in a completely new way and inspired her reach her ultimate dream of training for Ms. Olympia.

Read on to learn more about her confidence-boosting boudoir photoshoot experience and see Ms. A's reaction to her photos!


"I’m training to be a bikini competitor. And I’m learning and seeing my body in ways I’ve never seen before. And I’m so shy still. And maybe boudoir would give me that empowerment and confidence I need. Plus, it will be SO much fun!’ ~ said Ms. A of Long Island, NY, when she reached out to me for a boudoir photoshoot to boost her confidence.

Now, let me be honest - seeing those words and her photos made me question whether I was being put on. "You’re STUNNING’" I said. And, in what I learned was really her sweet, true, not-made-up nature, Ms. A replied, "OMG, thank you. I’m finding myself. Took a long, long time."

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The reality is, we women often do not see our own beauty. It does not matter if others tell us we are beautiful, the mirror itself tries to scream it to us. There is a disconnect that doesn’t allow us to push past our preconceived notions of the image we have created of ourselves, which is ‘less than.’

And then enters boudoir photography. Something really incredible happens when we see in a photo the reality of how beautiful, how stunning we truly are. Something clicks, connects - and reconnects us to our confidence and self worth. And gosh darn it, it’s my honor to be the one creating those empowering boudoir photos.

Yes, boudoir really IS that powerful! That empowering. That capable of having you finally reach for your goals and dreams in ways you simply couldn’t before.

In the case of Ms. A, right after the shoot she delighted me with this incredible, sweetest of client testimonials message, "ANDREEA - I am so ecstatic after today. I can’t stop talking about it. It was so empowering. And it really had me looking at myself in a different light. A more loving way. I didn’t think I could do it. But having you right there to guide me was everything. You’re amazing. Thank you for everything you do. You help so many women feel beautiful. I cannot wait to see the pictures!"

And, when Ms. A did see her photos? She confided that after the experience, after seeing her photos and seeing the overwhelmingly positive reaction she received from others when posting them, she felt encouraged enough to train for Ms. Olympia, her ultimate dream (that she never thought she would go for)! Amazing! More so, companies started reaching out to her for sponsorships - SWEET! AND, she agreed to have me submit her photos to the publication Sarze Magazine - and the photos I took of her were published!


See What Ms. A Said When She Saw Her Photos Below:

So, if you’ve ever thought to yourself, ‘is boudoir photography worth it?’ - I think Ms. A’s testimonial and experience just answered that question a thousand times over. Is you seeing your own beauty and having the confidence you’ve never had before to do the things you never thought of being capable before, worth it? Yes, boudoir can do for you, that and more.

Are YOU looking to do something bold and boost your confidence? Give boudoir a try like Ms. A did. See what it can do for YOU.

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