Is a Professional Boudoir Photoshoot Worth it?

Perhaps you've been researching boudoir photo shoots in New York City but got a bit of a sticker shock in the process. Maybe you're asking yourself, ‘how can a professional boudoir shoot be $1000-$6000…or more? Is a boudoir shoot really worth it?’ Truth be told, what’s ‘worth it’ to you will always come down to you and the things you consider loves, priorities and 'musts' in your life. And that’s true of all things. Except boudoir, that’s not a ‘thing.’ And when you read on and realize what boudoir is (and can be, for you), the question then becomes not, ‘is boudoir worth it’ - but, ‘am I worth it?’ (Hint: heck YEAH, girl! You truly are!).


Boudoir is a transformative, self-love experience that will empower you to see and realize your own worth + love yourself just a little bit more - just the way you are in your now (not 10 years ago, not 10 lbs from now).

Your professional boudoir photoshoot experience is guaranteed to shoot your confidence through the roof and boost your self-esteem, which will in turn have you moving differently in your life, from the personal to the professional, from the bedroom to the boardroom. It's a celebration of you, in your now - and a declaration to yourself that you are beautiful, you are sexy, you are sensual, you are enough, no matter your age, shape, shade, size. And being confident, loving yourself, seeing your worth - it helps you dictate to the world how you want to be treated, how you deserve to be treated, no ‘ifs’ nor ‘and’s nor ‘but’s. Period. So, what is that worth to you?


Investing in boudoir is truly investing in yourself

What is worth it to you, looking at the things you love about yourself vs. looking for all the imperfections? What is it worth to you, seeing the beauty that others see in you that you have never seen yourself when looking in the mirror? What is it worth to you to love yourself wholly and unapologetically? What is it worth to your relationship with others to love your curves, love your body, and stand confident in your sensuality, in your feminine power? Because a professional boudoir photo session can deliver on all of that for you, and more. And so it's easy to see: investing in boudoir is a priceless investment in yourself.


Boudoir's worth is so much more than just dollars and cents

Looking from a strict dollars and cents perspective, $1000 can be 1 NYC subway ride a day for the year in 2023. That can take you to one place a day for sure, but not as far as your boosted confidence will take you (plus with the subway, you still need to make your way back to where you started, don't you). $3000? That might be your daily large Starbucks Frappuccino pick-me-up treat with perhaps a cake pop on the side -- but frankly speaking, will it 'make' your whole day, every day?

In the meantime, your boudoir investment - a true investment in yourself and not just a transitory 'pick-me-up' or a transit ticket - that is guaranteed to take you way further than dollars and cents ever will take you plus make you feel like a true queen and a goddess all day, every day. And we're not just talking for a year, now: the effect loving yourself can have on your life will give back dividends for a lifetime.

Bonus: it's not just the experience, but the luxury products too!

When you shoot with a professional boudoir photographer like me at Andreea B. Ballen Photography, you will walk away with not just the intangible, priceless benefits a boudoir photoshoot will deliver you but also have the luxe, swoon-worthy ‘things’ to show for it. Think, luxury handcrafted albums. Jaw-dropping wall art. Archival prints. Or the crystal USB with your photos on it -or even a Digital Brag Book app with your photos always with you on the go. So you can remind yourself every moment of the day, year, life: ‘I’m a Queen, I am Goddess, and I am worth it all.’ And don’t you deserve that? Here at Andreea B. Ballen Photography, I believe every woman does.

At Andreea B. Ballen Photography, I believe that boudoir is an Incredibly worthwhile experience every woman deserves to gift herself - and I even offer payment plans to help you make it happen. Click the button below to schedule your free consultation And SEE if a boudoir session is right for you.