Overcoming Fear of the Camera through Boudoir Photography: Confessions of a Lingerie (Obsessed) Connoisseur | Boudoir Photographer New York

If you have a fear of being in front of the camera, you're not alone. Many of the women I work with allow this to hold them back -- until they realize just how fun and easy the process is!

That was the case with Ms. S, a lingerie obsessed connoisseur from the UK who frequently visits New York City, and used to hate having her picture taken but fell in love with it during the process and her boudoir experience with me.

Read on to learn more about her session and how she conquered her fear of the camera through a boudoir photoshoot with me at Andreea B. Ballen Photography and check out her gorgeous boudoir photos gallery.

It’s no lie: many of my clients have a fear of the camera. But surprise! ~ These same clients look to boudoir photography to liberate themselves from their fears and get a new strut in their step.

Though sometimes, they don’t even know that boudoir photography IS what they are looking for until they stumble onto it.

Such is the case of Ms. S, a lingerie obsessed connoisseur from the UK. She's a globe trotter who frequents New York City and all of its amazing lingerie boutiques. She found me and discovered that boudoir photography was JUST the thing to flip the script on her phobia, flaunt & immortalize her fantastic lingerie collection, and have her be more fearlessly, fiercely, herself.

Now normally, I am the one to guide my clients through their lingerie buys - but here, Ms. S. was ready to school me on new brands, boutiques, bold looks - and on the joy of finding yourself through luscious, to latex, to leather, to all things luxurious lingerie. All that was missing? The boudoir photography piece to bring it all together. And I am so glad she chose me for her boudoir photography needs - even though she stumbled onto it by accident, it seems.

Intrigued to know the story of this lingerie-obsessed collector/connoisseur? Read on. Here is what she had to say after our boudoir shoot at the William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Ms. S: “Life is too short to wear crappy pants. I wanted to wear lingerie every day of the week, not just for special occasions. I walk differently when wearing nice things underneath and I feel so feminine and hot wearing stockings or suspenders (garters) - it certainly brightened up my winter wardrobe and made cold days more fun.

I think if you feel good, you look good - and oozing confidence is hot and sexy. So, whatever makes you feel that good - just do it.”

Andreea B. Ballen: Have you ever given boudoir photography a try before contacting Andreea B. Ballen Photography?

Ms. S.: “I’ve never had a boudoir shoot before - and I didn’t even really set out to do a boudoir shoot (initially)!

This all started as I was looking to get some new profile pictures done and I hate having my picture taken - I’m not great at posing - so I was looking for a photographer who could patiently direct me and make me look less awkward in front of the camera. I stumbled on Andreea’s website as she also (sometimes) focuses on female branding - but soon became more intrigued by the boudoir shoot side of things and after a few clicks, I started to dig a bit deeper into it.”

Andreea B. Ballen: Of all the boudoir photographers in NYC, why did you choose Andreea B. Ballen Photography for your experience?


Ms. S.: “After deciding I was game for a boudoir shoot I researched a few different photographers: quite a few focus on the dramatic makeover, with drastic before and after shots - which isn’t what I was after. If I was going to do this, it was because after a long old journey I finally felt comfortable in my own skin and happy with my shape and so I wanted the pictures to look like me and celebrate who I was now and be me on a really good day, not be someone else entirely.

Also, some of the other photographers focused on the experience like ‘a bottle of bubbles and hours of makeover’ and then just a very short shoot. I thought I’d need some time to relax into it (and I can buy my own wine ha ha) and I wanted the focus to be on the shots, not just on a girly day out/in. The experience with Andreea seemed more like what I was looking for.”

Andreea B. Ballen: What was your favorite part of the session?

Ms. S.: “Posing outside on the hotel’s terrace with views of Manhattan in stockings and suspenders and realizing I felt great!”

Andreea B. Ballen: What did having this shoot do for your self-confidence, self-worth, and self-image?

Ms. S.: “I am so proud of the images that we created. They look incredible. And that’s me, which is ace. It definitely boosted my confidence and gave me a strut.”


Andreea B. Ballen: You created a book for your hubby as a birthday gift. What did having this shoot done mean for your significant other?

Ms. S.: “No offense to him, he loved the book, but I was doing this shoot for me, not him.

I wanted to celebrate my body and capture a moment in time and maybe use these images as my own personal fitspiration for the future to stop me yo’ yo’ ing and doing what it takes to feel and look this good when life gets busy again and work takes over.”


Andreea B. Ballen: Was your experience what you were expecting?

Ms. S.: “I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I loved it.”


Andreea B. Ballen: In your inquiry, you reached out to me for a photoshoot because you wanted 'to capture (your) epic new lingerie for posterity'. Tell me a little bit about your love affair (and obsession!) with lingerie.

Ms. S.: “Ah man. Well, I’ve always loved lingerie but lingerie hasn’t always loved me - or should I say I’ve struggled to find lingerie that is pretty, sexy that is in my size. I used to be a 34H at one point!

Anyway, last year at the beginning of the pandemic I found myself marooned on an island with not a lot to do during lockdowns and I worked out a lot. I did yoga most mornings and fell in love with running again once restrictions lifted and we were once again allowed outside to exercise. Having the freedom to run taken away meant that when I had it back, I wanted to do it all the time. Running became my stress reliever, my self-counseling sessions.

After 3 months I’d dropped a bunch of weight and none of my bras fit anymore. It was the first time I’ve really noticed weight change hit my boobs.

I guess the story then begins with my favourite lingerie store - Brooklyn Fox, that started my lingerie obsession:

When I got to Brooklyn, New York, I walked past this little boutique Brooklyn Fox with loads of pretty stuff in the window and noticed they did large cup sizes - and so I went in for a fitting. I had no idea what size I was, just that nothing fit.

I think I measured a 30F and they brought out a bunch of stuff in my size and I was like - wow. I thought, it’s so pretty and dainty it’s never going to fit me - but it did. I was used to my bras looking more like scaffolding - but here were some cute bras in an F cup that looked pretty.

Everything that fit I pretty much bought - and still they kept giving me new stuff to try on. I said I was headed home for the first time in months and they started bringing out the “reunion lingerie” - bras and panties and then some suspenders (garters) and then from there things got a little more risqué - like the ouvert bodysuit which sort of started something - but I put it on and felt hot as hell and bought the lot! I walked out with three bags full of goodies.

When I finally got home and was reunited with my husband and put on one of the bodysuits for our first reunion, the reaction was just as I’d hoped!

From there things (as in, my lingerie collecting) just kind of escalated. I spent a lot of last year by myself, an ocean away from my husband - and lingerie became the feel-good thing I bought to make myself feel good.

I found a stunning corset in a vintage-themed shop in Notting Hill in the UK and vintage silk stockings - and felt so badass and powerful wearing them, I loved it.

Everywhere I went I’d look in lingerie stores or sex shops to see if I could find something fun. I went through a whole corset phase then and bought a few in quick succession.

I then started to get a little more adventurous. I dipped my toe into Latex, as a special request. After another long trip away, I wandered around SoHo from the fanciest boutiques to the seediest stores. Until I found Purple Passion. The team there was amazing. I was totally out of my depth and didn’t really know what I wanted beyond latex for the bedroom - and they helped size me up and suggest some things that could work.

I put on this one outfit that made me look and feel like a freaking superhero - red high neck thing with red arms and black latex stockings - and I was sold. I bought another latex dress (for some indoor fun) there and loved it.

Then I got marooned on an island yet again and just started looking at more fun lingerie things for when I got off the island. I ordered a crazy array of stuff from bra and panties and suspenders (garter) sets to dress up outfits - and started to experiment with some leather harnesses that were made to fit my curves.

I also hit up my now fav lingerie store in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Fox - again - and walked out with two bags this time and also revisited Purple Passion and got from them two dresses and a latex corset and skater skirt combo.

So, by the time the boudoir shoot with Andreea came about, I had an entire suitcase brimming full of lingerie to choose from - most of which had never been used! And I invested in some heels as I had nothing but flip flops and trainers (sneakers) for months: a spiky Louboutin pair of killer heels and a pair of gold Jimmy Choo sandals.

I’ve already added to the collection since the boudoir photography shoot with Andreea, despite not using half of it properly (as I’ve barely been home for very long)! But, I also needed to buy more lingerie as I’ve lost more weight and my boobs have got smaller again, so I need to restock - that’s my excuse anyway!

Though the leather outfits were not really my vibe (as you could tell during the shoot) - stockings and suspenders (garters) I love and feel super feminine and seductive. Corsets make me feel powerful and in control.

Latex feels incredible and is just hot hot hot!!!... although I’ve not actually worn it for anything other than pictures yet.

Favourite brands right now are Agent Provocateur, Honey Birdette and Journelle. I’m lusting after Bordelle pieces but they are super spenny (expensive) – I will have to save that treat for a very special occasion. It might be a birthday present to myself!

I don’t think I’m putting this love for lingerie back in a box any time soon!”

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