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Do I Need Hair and Makeup for A Boudoir Shoot? 5 Reasons To

"Do I need professional hair and makeup for my boudoir shoot?" The answer to this frequently asked question is a resounding: yes!

Don't get me wrong -- I can skillfully capture your raw beauty and sex appeal without professional hair and makeup. BUT. Hear me out.

You have hired a professional boudoir photographer because you want gorgeous pictures of yourself -- not just your regular snapshots or selfies that anyone can take. And you are trusting me to guide you throughout your custom-designed, luxury boudoir experience so that you come out loving not just your photos -- but your boudoir shoot experience as a whole.

With that in mind, here are the 5 Reasons - and the before/after proof - why you don't just need, you want professional hair and makeup for your boudoir photo shoot, below.

1. Get Luxuriously Pampered and Polished

Just like you would like to sit, take time for yourself and get pampered and polished before say, a wedding or a red carpet moment or your TV premiere, same is great to get done before your boudoir photoshoot.

And I understand. Sometimes taking time for yourself is hard. But it's essential both for your well being as well as your mindset coming into getting sexy photos done.

So relax and enjoy your pampering luxury boudoir experience. Because darling, you are going to feel incredible with your fabulous hair and flawless makeup . And yes, you are so worth it and every second you get to yourself to luxuriate!

Plus, even if you like to wear little to no makeup in your every day life - our hair and makeup experts can give you a natural sparkle for your boudoir photos without making you look too 'done up'.

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2. Be Camera Ready

Did you know? The camera is strange in that it can pick up or accentuate things the naked eye can't see - like redness, uneven skin tone, makeup that photographs differently than what you see in the mirror, etc.

And that's why working with a great professional hair and makeup artist like those on my team, who understands the camera and what looks good on camera, is key.

Armed with the right tools and knowledge, my team of all women experts are here to make you look stunning in each and every look we will be photographing - making you camera ready! Unlike other makeup applicators, they know to blend well for boudoir photos (you want your face tone to match your neck and your bosom too, don't you?), use the right tones for the lighting we will be using for your customized shoot, and create sexy hair looks that provide movement while staying sexy.

Then when you see your photos, you only see your beauty shine through.

'Why Use Professional Hair and Makeup for Boudoir Photo Shoot?' - Beauty to BOMBSHELL

Boudoir by Andreea B. Ballen Photography client's before/after professional hair and makeup transformation and boudoir photos post transformation.

3. Knowing You Look Great Builds Your Confidence

When you feel great because you are sure you look great, you exude confidence.

And nothing looks better on you than confidence and a smile. And your pictures will prove it!


4. It's One Less Thing to Worry About and Plan For Before Your Boudoir Shoot

Chances are, you DID think about getting hair and makeup for your shoot, didn't you?

And yes, you can go make an appointment with your hair dresser and then run over to Sephora or MAC.... but wouldn't you rather sit back with a glass of bubbly or a good book that you've been meaning to catch up on or simply close your eyes - and not have to run appointment to appointment before running to your boudoir session?

By choosing my celebrity hair and makeup artist all women team, all the magic comes to you! And like I said, it's already included in your session retainer. How great is that?

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5. Keep Your Look Going: to Take it Out on the Town after the shoot!

This one here is an unexpected bonus: your look will be so great (and so long lasting) that it will be the perfect excuse to take it out on the town with your girlfriends - or for a special date with your unsuspecting partner. Why not make your whole day and night your special day to celebrate you?

Boudoir NYC Before and After Professional Hair & Makeup

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