Did You Know? Boudoir is The Best Gift For A Husband, Hands Down! | Long Island Boudoir

How do you find the perfect gift for your significant other who already has it all? Well, if you've been on the search, I'm here to tell you that the wait is over! If you want a gift for hubby, not just any gift, but truly a gift that keeps on giving, then look no further than boudoir photos!

I’m so glad I got to work with Ms. V to create such a unique for not only her husband but her as well!

Read on to get to see how Ms. V created her perfect gift for her husband through boudoir photos and the accompanying luxury handcrafted boudoir album (plus a Digital Brag Book app with all her boudoir photos for his - and her - phone to have on the go).

Ladies—the search is over! If you want a gift for hubby, not just any gift, but truly a gift that keeps on giving, a gift your husband will go ‘gaga’ for, one that he’ll sneak a peek of at work just to get yet one more ‘taste’ (then sneak off home early to you to thank you for, again and again!)—then look no further than boudoir.

The best part? As much as boudoir is a truly unforgettable gift for him, this boudoir photography experience is as much an unforgettable, confidence-boosting gift for you. Scoreand score!


Such is the case of Ms. V for whom I recently did a boudoir photo shoot on Long Island, NY. She had reached out to me while searching for a truly unique gift for her husband. You know, the husband who has everything? The husband with all the gadgets, sweaters, watches, skis, and rare scotches - who hasn’t been impressed by much in a while, the one you’re looking to knock his socks off like Ms. V. was?

Now, as a boudoir photographer in New York City, I get all giddy planning custom-tailored sessions for all of my clients. But, when planning a boudoir experience whose photos culminate in a special gift, like this one, it’s doubly exciting. After all, you want his jaw to drop to the floor when he sees these sensual photos of you, but, I also want you to be ‘WOW'd and have an amazing time throughout the process!


What was even more special and exciting about working with my client, Ms. V? Well, let’s just say she decided to hire me and give boudoir another try after working with another photographer whose work (or experience working with) was not to her expectations nor standards.

Pressure ON to plan the best boudoir photo shoot experience and deliver the best gift for hubby AND for her, and I welcomed it all. Bring it!

In our Session Design Consultation, Ms. V. divulged that her hubby loves their home, remodeling, and playing with tools in their basement in his spare time away from the office.

Ms. V wanted to bring boudoir and her husband's interests together to create a one-of-a-kind, sexy and sophisticated visual storytelling experience.

What better way to celebrate their love and their passions than having Ms. V. herself be like a gorgeous gift to be ‘unwrapped’ in each of the remodeled rooms of their luxurious Long Island home?

To bring her dream session to life, I encouraged Ms. V. to dress up and play with different sides of her personality and with what she finds sexy, mixing different looks and moods from super playful to demure to VaVaVoom vixen and showcasing her show-stopping shoe collection all the while. Because, nothing can glam and sexy-up a pink hard hat with denim and flannel in a basement full of tools, like a jaw-dropping pair of Louboutin peekaboo toe stilettos can!

By the time the luxury boudoir album hit Ms. V’s husband’s hands (and the phone app was installed on his phone - for discreet, on the go private viewing) - mission accomplished: his jaw definitively dropped to the floor and his socks were knocked off - for the first time in a long time. Hubby LOVED his special, unique, sexy and romantic gift - while Ms. V fell in love with herself, all over again.

Thank you SO SO much. He was OBSESSED’, raved Ms. V. of her husband’s reaction to this very unique gift of boudoir, the gift of herself in sensual photographs.

Watch the video below to view her photo album:

Thank you, Ms. V, for giving boudoir another try and for trusting me to bring your dream boudoir vision to life!

Have a husband whose socks you’re looking to knock off when gifting? Let’s talk and see if a boudoir shoot can be the best gift for your hubby!

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