New York City Bridal Boudoir Photographer | What is Bridal Boudoir and Why Should You Have Your Own Pre-Wedding Boudoir Shoot?

As a New York City Bridal Boudoir Photographer, it is my extreme honor to capture stunning photos of the bride’s unique beauty, vivaciousness and sultriness BEFORE her big wedding day, photos she and her significant other will treasure not just now - but for decades to come.

Now, if you yourself are a bride-to-be, you might ask yourself: ‘What is Bridal Boudoir? And WHY would I want to invest in these kinds of photos (in addition to, or for some - IN LIEU of, wedding photos)?’ Read on to find out what it is and the 5 amazing reasons it should be on your 'must do' wedding list!


Bridal Boudoir is a style of photography producing sexy photos of the bride to be, yielding the most perfectly unique, sensual and memorable gift to give your beloved groom (or wife) on your wedding day.

The best part, I tell my clients - is that in the end, this is the most incredible gift for YOU.


Your Bridal Boudoir Photos Can Be Demure AND Fierce At The Same Time - You Decide the Tone

Unlike other gifts that can lose value over time, a Luxury handcrafted Andreea B. Ballen Photography Bridal Boudoir Album containing stunning, vibrant, artistic and Oh So Sexy photos of you NOW will be THE thing that will rekindle your (self) love and romance for many years and anniversaries to come.

Just pop open a bottle of bubbly, sit by the fire and remind YOURSELF (and him/her) of the Oh La La hotness that inspired it all. I promise, no other gift will have this kind of power nor value as this.

The only regret will be NOT having done yours!


in Home Bridal Boudoir Photo Sessions: Comfortable in Your Own Skin in the Comfort of Your Home

If you’re still on the fence about doing a bridal boudoir photoshoot, here are 5 amazing reasons to consider investing in your own bridal boudoir photos:

  • I can’t emphasize this point enough: YES, a bridal boudoir shoot and album is an incredible gift for your significant other - but - it’s the greatest wedding gift you can give yourself to Celebrate You
  • In addition to beautiful photographs you will also walk away with an enormous Confidence Boost: feeling gorgeous and confident in your own skin - it’s a truly empowering experience that is simply invaluable. Any time thereafter you need a boost you can take out your boudoir album - and BAM! You will find that power, fire and spark of you again and again and again…
  • Your bridal boudoir photoshoot will capture and showcase both your gorgeous wedding lingerie/wedding robe/veil (some of which will not be in any other photos for you to remember how amazing you looked in) and also feature those amazing shoes (before you’ve danced them away!)
  • Camera shy and nervous about being photographed on your wedding day? A wedding boudoir photography shoot will have you looking and feeling like a pro in front of the camera on your wedding day. How? A boudoir photoshoot is an intimate experience that takes trust, an understanding of rapport with your photographer and tons of posing guidance - which after I show you you can rock and look amazing in (while mostly disrobed), you will feel so much more confident doing in so your wedding dress
  • Need ideas for a wedding gift for you you will actually LOVE? Suggest to your bestie/lady of honor to throw you a lingerie bridal shower and perhaps asking your closest girlfriends/bridal party to contribute to an Andreea B. Ballen Photography boudoir gift voucher as their wedding present to you. And, if they decide to turn it into a boudoir party shootout - they get in on the fun too and save on their own session. How is that for a gift that keeps on giving?

What if You Too Had Artistic Bridal Boudoir Photos Done - And Looked Like You Just Stepped Out of a Magazine? With an Andreea B. Ballen Photography Boudoir Photoshoot, You Will Look Like a Model - Just Being YOU


While finding THE right outfits and lingerie for your bridal boudoir session is discussed with you as my client as part of our Session Design Consultation - here’s an amazing list of bridal boudoir outfits for every body type and budget if you are looking for inspiration:

Now, for THE most luxurious AND comfortable wedding shoes you’ve ever dreamed of wearing, handcrafted and custom-made to not just fit like your ‘sole mate’, look STUNNING - but also allow you to dance the night away effortlessly while feeling like you’re wearing nothing but slippers.

  • Ally Shoes - Use code ANDREEA40 when checking out Bridal Pumps, Festive Pump or Dressy Strap. You and your feet will thank me, I promise!


If you’re a bride to be (or the Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor helping a bride plan the perfect bridal shower or wedding gift) and are located in New York City’s Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester or Long Island NY from Great Neck to Westbury Gardens - or destinations Worldwide - LET’S CHAT and see if an Andreea B. Ballen luxurious and pampering Bridal Boudoir experience is for you!

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