How to Love Your Post-Baby Body? | New York City Boudoir

As a mom of two, as well as former birth doula, I understand very well how a woman's body changes after having a baby and how for many women, loving their post-baby new bodies alongside these changes is a work in progress. Many women report new insecurities, diminished body confidence - and are seeking ways back to self love and to loving their bodies as a whole (vs. focusing on the parts where they now they see 'imperfections').

And my recommendation as a premier, featured and awarded New York City boudoir photographer who has photographed hundreds of women, for the best way to love your post-baby body, skyrocket your confidence, remind yourself you are beautiful, strong, sexy, life-giving, you are enough? Consider doing your own boudoir photoshoot like our Ms. S did. Check out her session and her reported new-found confidence 5 months postpartum after giving boudoir a try for herself.

The lovely Ms. S., a mom of three and just 5 months postpartum with her last baby, arrived at her at our photoshoot at Hotel Nyack in Westchester, NY with KILLER lingerie, gorgeous hair and makeup transformation - and the most gorgeous smile and attitude. And if was nervous, well you certainly can't tell looking at her photos, that's for sure. She totally rocked out her session!

When I asked Ms. S to tell me about her shoot in her own words, here is what she said:


Ms. S.'s Google 5 Star Review on Working with Boudoir by Andreea B. Ballen Photography

“Andreea is absolutely AMAZING! I knew I wanted to do something for myself being 5 months postpartum and what better than a boudoir shoot to help boost your confidence. Andreea brought out the inner vixen that I didn’t even know existed. I was so nervous but through her coaching and helping to guide me with my poses, within 20mins my guard was down! I would 1000% recommend that every woman at some point in their life do a boudoir shoot preferably with Andreea!!!”


Andreea: 'Have you ever done a boudoir photoshoot before?'

Ms. S.: 'I have never done a boudoir shoot but have always dreamed about it.'


Andreea: 'Why did you choose to do this boudoir photoshoot?'

Ms. S.: 'I am a stay at home mom of 3 and was 5 months postpartum and felt like I just lost my pizzaz and sexiness.'


Andreea: 'What did doing this boudoir photo session do for your self-love journey?'

Ms. S.: 'This boudoir session shot my self confidence through the roof as well as made me re-aware of how beautiful myself and my body is .'


Andreea: 'Was your Postpartum boudoir Photo Session with Us what you were expecting?'

Ms. S.: 'I expected myself to be shy and full of giggles to hide my lack of self confidence but Andreea brought that confidence right out of me!'


Andreea: 'What if anything would you change about your experience with boudoir by Andreea B. Ballen Photography?'

Ms. S.: 'If I could change one thing about my experience it would have been to book boudoir shoot this sooner! Andreea’s pep talk really helped me feel beautiful and sexy with all my flaws.'


Andreea: 'What was your favorite part of the session?'

Ms. S.: 'My favorite part was being n*de in a bubble bath AND wearing the glamorous robe you provided for the boudoir session.'


Andreea: 'Why would you recommend other women to do their own boudoir photoshoot after having a baby?'

Ms. S.: "I highly recommend other women do a boudoir shoot - and not just after baby - specifically with Andreea because she knows her stuff!!! She was on the sidelines cheering me on as I changed my poses up on my own after her initial guidance. This experience made me realize how beautiful I AM still and how proud of myself and my curves I should be!'


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