Explore Your Unique Femininity With Boudoir

Just as every woman's idea of what she finds sexy is unique to her, so is every woman's idea of her unique femininity. Is it soft, flirty, romantic? Is it bold, edgy, dark feminine? Is it invoked in Old Hollywood glamor? Pin up style? Madonna's Vogue androgynous vibe?

For my client Ms. C, it is a mixture of all of the above -- and it was a joy having her explore her unique femininity with a Westchester, NY boudoir photoshoot with us.

Read on to hear more about her vision for her photos and her her experience throughout her boudoir session while exploring her unique feminine energy and its expression.

'Why did you choose to do this boudoir photoshoot?'

Ms. C.: 'I’ve always loved old Hollywood glamour, drama, and campiness, but I never had the opportunity to explore it myself. My job and daily activities often require that I dress practically; I don’t have the time or opportunity to look very feminine. It doesn’t make sense to wear lipstick or lashes when I’m spending my time sweating or swimming. I wanted to celebrate the more glittery, sequins-and-feathers side of my personality for once, and boudoir seemed like the perfect opportunity!'

'How did your boudoir photoshoot help you discover and explore how you envision your femininity?'

Ms. S.: 'I have always felt confident about what my body can do, but never how it looks. And when it comes to being feminine, I felt like I was ‘doing it wrong.’ I was so excited to pick out outfits that were dramatic, and campy, but I was a bit nervous about how I would look. Would the clothes wear me?

During the shoot, I was able to relax and experiment with poses and movement. I think my personal take on femininity was really able to shine through. I couldn’t be happier with the results. This shoot reminded me that there is no wrong way to feel confident and sexy.'


'What other ways do you embrace your femininity and pamper it?'

Ms. C.: 'I love moving and using my body- things like swimming, dancing, making art, and singing. These things really make me feel present in my body and proud of what I can do. I also really like to wear a scent that makes me feel confident. I tend to like smoky, spicy, or oceanic scents, and I’m always on the lookout for a new unique perfume!'

'Was your boudoir experience with Boudoir by Andreea B. Ballen Photography what you were expecting? If not, how was it different?'

Ms. C.: 'I was expecting something standardized and impersonal, and I was so happy to be wrong about that! I was so glad to be able to talk with Andreea about my vision, show her my mood board and outfits, and do so much planning ahead of time. It made the whole boudoir experience feel so personal and tailored to me.'

'What was the best part of your boudoir experience with Andreea?'

Ms. C.: 'The best part was getting my photos! I had some idea of how they would look, because Andreea showed me how they were looking on the camera screen during the shoot. They looked even more incredible in their final versions. Seeing all the finished photos together really gave me confidence in my vision and in myself!'

'What would you say to other women considering a boudoir shoot for exploring their feminnity?'

Ms. S.: "I did my photoshoot purely for myself, and I feel like it was the best way to do it! It was an amazing way to explore my own feminine side, my own aesthetic interests, and my own confidence. If I need a little pick me up, I like to look at my photos and remind myself that I’m that girl!'

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