Celebrating Yourself In Your IVF Journey With Boudoir Photography

As a New York City boudoir photographer who's photographed hundreds of women, I've worked with many women who've chosen boudoir as a way to celebrate themselves in their IVF journey: many of those journeys long and challenging, often dampening sensuality, often putting into question one's very own feminine ability, or putting a strain on one's relationship to oneself and/or her partner. Which is why so many women find celebrating yourself in your IVF journey with boudoir photography is the perfect self-love gift: therapeutic, pampering, empowering, re-affirming of your womanhood and your body's sensuality - and can help you be more loving to yourself -- a bonus to your partner, too.

One gorgeous client coming in to celebrate herself in her IVF journey, Ms. P., generously shares her boudoir photoshoot experience and photos with us. Read on and see more from her beautiful NYC boudoir session and her experience with us.

Ms. P.: 'This was my first time doing a boudoir photoshoot! My husband and I are currently going through IVF treatments. It has been a long and hard journey. I wanted to do something for myself (mainly) and him (of course) that would be fun and sexy.'


Ms. P.: 'I chose to work with Boudoir by Andreea B. Ballen Photography because I looked at a couple of different boudoir portfolios online and liked Andreea's the most. She has a lot of looks that I wanted to try!'


Ms. P.: 'The experience surpassed my expectations. I saw Andreea's work and knew the picture would be beautiful, but I didn't expect to have this much fun.'


Ms. P.: 'And my most favorite part of the boudoir experience? The attention to detail that Andreea had! It was amazing what she did to take the perfect shot! I wouldn't change a thing!'


Ms. P.: 'Why would I recommend other women do their own boudoir shoot? Because it's important to do things for yourself, especially things that will boost your self love and confidence!

I love to pamper myself! I think it's such an important thing to do. I love taking long bubble baths, getting massages, and getting my nails done. And boudoir is part of this.'


Ms. P.'s 5-Star Rave Review on Google on Working with Boudoir by Andreea B. Ballen Photography

'Andreea is amazing! I had such an amazing time shooting my boudoir photos. She had so many great ideas for poses, outfits, and props. Beforehand, she took her time with explaining the process and how we can get the best photos. The day of was such a great experience. Definitely a very empowering and beautiful time. A couple of days after the shoot, Andreea and I went through the top photos. It was insane seeing the finished product. High recommend Andreea and the whole experience!'


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