Best DIY Boudoir Photos Tips & Tricks

Have you ever wondered how to DIY a boudoir shoot by yourself at home? As a featured and awarded top NYC boudoir photographer recently featured in SheKnows on how to DIY easy and sexy boudoir poses, here at Andreea B. Ballen Photography I want all women to feel empowered and to take control over how they see themselves and how they want to be seen - and that includes in photos of themselves. And until I get the honor of photographing you?

Here are my top boudoir poses guide 'secrets' that will help you DIY some sexy, visually arresting boudoir photos at home (that you might want to send to your partner). I like to call it the trifecta of three 'T' elements that will take your selfies to the next level of art and seduction: Tension! Triangles! Tippitoes!

Read on and see examples of DIY your own easy, sexy boudoir photo poses.

1. Tension creates tons of gorgeous emotion!

The trick to creating tension, is to think : pushing against (ex. head pushed back into the bed while chest is pushed to the ceiling), pulling at (ex, at sheets, your hair, clothing), tugging up or down (ex. clothes or straps on clothes), moving apart (ex. knees far apart from each other), arching back, tilting head to the side....

Tension is best achieved when you move with intention and allow the stretch or movement to go as far as it naturally will.

TIP: For these poses following, position the camera diagonal to your body - not straight on, not full side on, but three quarters on.


Tension For Kneeling Boudoir Poses

Sit down between your knees that are pushed far apart from each other, head tilted to the side. Looks as good if your body is turned to the camera, as it does if your back is to the camera and you are turning back towards it while looking over your shoulder.

Pose 1/3. Pull up at the sides of your underwear, making sure to squeeze your shoulder blades back while keeping your shoulders down. Meanwhile, look away and think of a sexy secret - and imagine your partner walking into the room as you're about to let them in on what that secret entails and how they're going to enjoy the delicious details.

To tweak this pose? Instead of pulling up your underwear, push down instead from your hips with your hands flat, forward and down. Throw your head slightly back.

Pose 2. Using the soft flat part of your fingertips, move hands across the chest, starting at your collar bones and tracing the skin in an outward motion - eyes looking down towards your hands. Head tilted to the side, chin down towards your collar bone.

It's OK to not sit down all the way when trying out the pose - especially if your knees won't allow you to. Always listen to your body and never push past its comfort.


Pose 1. Pulling a bra strap down and off the shoulder looks inviting and tantalizing. Great pose too if you are looking to show off your engagement or wedding ring. Bet your partner will be Wow'ed.

Pose 2. Kick the pose up a notch? Use one hand behind you to steady you as you arch your back and throw your head back all the way. Use your free hand to feel your neck and top of your chest.


Tug downwards at the front of your shirt, negligee, tank, etc, making sure to bring your hands together to create a V across and down your body, pulling the fabric taut against your body as you do so. Keep your head to one side, chin down, eyes down towards your lips. Strong and simultaneously seeking surrendering, this one sizzles.

Or, you can be daring and defiant. Shoot from the bottom up, gaze straight to the camera - and use just the bedsheets for an implied nude boudoir shot.


Tension for Sitting or Kneeling on Edge of Sofa Boudoir Poses

Sitting, kneeling, standing or lying on the belly or on the back positions also benefit from having the camera positioned at an angle to the body, as seen below. Looking over your shoulder - or camera positioned over the shoulder - a plus.

Here, the head tilted toward and eyes following the strap being pulled down off the shoulder seals the deal. Just as great in a kneeling position as it is here sitting with knees wide and far apart.

On a couch, edge of a bed or even the floor, this side booty shot shows off the gorgeous curve of your 'peach.'

For the best effect, remember to push back from the hips. How? Imagine you are about to dive into a pool: kneel, head forward, tushie pushed back, creating a straight diagonal line down to your toes.


Tension for Standing (and BEST Booty) Poses

TIP: pushing back from the hips and creating tension is not just for sitting poses, it creates the best shape for your derriere in standing poses, too.


Tension for Laying On Your Back Boudoir Poses

For a great, super seductive pose lying down on your back position with tons of tension, emotion and engagement, think again of placing camera 'over the shoulder,' knees bent and staggered (one higher than the other), top of the head pushed back into the mattress and chest pushed to the ceiling, thumbs pulling bra straps up and away from the body. This one is hands down a client favorite and guaranteed to set your partner on FIRE.


Tension for Tummy Minimizing Boudoir Poses

Last but not least, for those shy about and looking to minimize their belly, this position below creates wonderful tension, emotion, desire - looking ever more coy rather than shy.

Remember to bring the knee closest to the camera up off the ground and towards you to create a gorgeous shape to the booty. Bring one hand into your hair, the other pushing on the floor in front of you.

Like the best things in life, the simultaneous push and pull or this position creates a whirlwind of desire. Don't forget to look straight into the camera for this one - your partner will feel it right to the soul.

2. Triangles Draw the Eye In!

Triangles create visually interesting shapes that draw the eye into the photo.

TIP: The more triangles you can create with your body (ams, legs, etc) the more visually interesting the photo. Remember to stagger the legs (both legs bent, but one higher than the other) to create even more triangles and visual interest.


Triangle Boudoir Poses - Sitting or Kneeling On/Off a Couch

Remember to stagger the legs (both legs bent, but one higher than the other) to create even more triangles and visual interest.

Hop onto a couch (or edge of the bed) and grab onto some sheets for extra drama for this one.


On the floor leaning over a couch, on the bed against the headboard - or any surface you can think of - this makes for a great booty shot. Don't forget to push to booty up while creating a deep downward arch in your lower back.

  • Treasure-DSC03230.jpeg

Triangle Boudoir Poses - Laying on your Back

Now, if you're craving some stunning, on your back positions - either bed or floor will do - that are as gorgeous as they are sophisticated and sexy - then try these two below.

Unlike most of the other positions we covered, these are taken with the camera positioned straight on looking at the side of you in profile.

As always, remember to stagger the legs, arch your back, push the top of your head into the mattress or floor. For extra movement (and triangles!) bring arm closest to the camera towards your hip or between your bosom, bring other arm up and over your head. Bet your partner will ask for either of these, framed.

NYC boudoir photography portrait of a woman standing in front of a mirror

Standing boudoir poses - create triangles with your legs bent or straight

Pose 1. Stand firmly on one leg, the other leg bent and knee dropped across the standing leg. One arm bent and up into your hair, other arm down and bent, hand on hip or on belly. As always, head tilted slightly to the side, this time looking up as though to meet your partner's gaze.

Pose 2. For a super simple yet super sexy pose, don't forget your mirror. Look back over your shoulder for this one to add the sizzle.

3. Tippitoes!

Tippitoes elongate the legs and engage the leg muscles for a super sexy result. Whether you are sitting, laying down or standing - always activate your ballerina toe stance. You'll be glad you did.


Pose 1. For this boudoir pose, sit close to the edge of the seat, knees pushed out far apart, feet pointed and forward. Arch your back, tilt your head to one side for tension and drama - hands tugging at your clothing by your chest. The camera is this time pointed straight on, below you for most drama (and longer legs too).

Pose 2. This is a fun implied nude boudoir pose with bed sheets that is in many ways similar to the one above - what changes is where you position yourself in relation to the camera (this time again, three quarters on) and what you are choosing to cover or reveal.

For best results, sit at the corner edge of the bed, legs and knees separated far apart, tippitoes activated, back arched, head tilted to the side, bed sheets pulled up between the legs and held up against the chest. This one is sure to light up your plans for tonight.


On your belly pose? Don't forget to ballerina-point your toes!

  • Luxury-boudoir-photography-DSC04934BW.jpg
  • New-York-Boudoir-Photography-by-Andreea-B-Ballen-DSC04257small.jpg

Pose 1. Stand close to the wall and lean into it, arm high up. Cross your legs and go up on your toes. Tug away or down at your bra strap for added tension.

Pose 2. Make sure to stand by a window, full on side view to the camera, sheets up onto your body, billowing out between your legs.

Begin pose by standing firmly on your leg closest to the window (and farthest to camera) - while bending the leg closest to the camera and going up on pointed toe. With arm closest to window, hold bed sheets against your chest - while arm closest to camera, hold sheets down by your hip. Arch back, throw head back, breathe through parted lips. Hit 'send' and have them running home to you after this one!

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