What Is Boudoir?

Hi there, beautiful! You might have come across this page because you are wondering what boudoir photography is. Maybe you have some friends who have taken part in one of these photoshoots and feel as if they have a new self-confidence that you strive for. Maybe you have seen the trend on TikTok and are now looking to find out what is boudoir really - and for a boudoir photographer in NYC, Westcher, Long Island and beyond, to do your own shoot.

Read on to find out what is boudoir (hint: it’s more than just a trend on TikTok) - and why you should consider a boudoir photoshoot for yourself too.


Whatever the reason may be, know that as a photographer who has taken part in oh so many boudoir sessions, I have witnessed the incredible changes that come from within when women embrace their beauty and sensuality - and move beyond their comfort zone. It is my goal to provide as much female empowerment to any woman who seeks it, and together, we can bring out the true confidence you deserve. If you are still not satisfied after reading this piece, take a look at my FAQ page to learn more about boudoir, and read some testimonials to see just how fulfilling these photoshoot sessions can be!


Boudoir - What Is It?

The word itself stems from a French word that means a “women's private room.” This is where the inspiration for these kinds of photos comes from, as they are meant to be for your private use. But let me tell you, many of my beautifully brazen boudoir babe clients want to share their boudoir photos with the world! And I for one applaud that. That’s because I firmly believe boudoir is to give YOU full control of your body and how YOU want to be seen - private or public, do what empowers YOU.

These shoots exude sensuality and are very intimate in nature, which is the reason most take place with you wearing lingerie or anything you feel sexy in - including nothing at all.

And while you may think to yourself, “I am not a model,” that’s the beauty in these photos — you don't have to be! This is all about a journey of self-discovery, as I want you to have the confidence in knowing that you are BEAUTIFUL and that your body is a temple that is meant to be worshipped.

In essence, boudoir photoshoots are a series of glamorous, artistic shots that create sexy photos taken in appealing wear that allow you to embrace your beauty, curves, and sensuality.


Who Is Boudoir Photography For?

Boudoir is for EVERY woman of every age, shape, size and shade, not to mention, sexual orientation - in every stage of her life. From single women to wives to PTA moms to divorcees to widows to cancer survivors to trauma survivors to executives and nurses and teachers and exotic dancers to NATO ambassadors and W.H.O. doctors to retirees to grandmas - boudoir is for everyone, and I have photographed all and all in between.

And though there are a few clients who at first want to do a boudoir photoshoot for their fiancé to create a wedding gift or gift for their husband or boyfriend, most if not all clients report that this type of shoot is most of all for them to celebrate and love themselves more, and to remind themselves that they are a gorgeous goddess on the days they don’t feel it.

That’s because prior to working with me, many clients report having rarely liked how they look in photos. Not seeing oneself as beautiful or believing one is not photogenic can be damaging, because it can affect our overall self-worth and self love - which is something nobody should go through.

It’s because I understand how critical we can be of ourselves in photos, and how critical we as women can be of our bodies overall, that I strive to help you look at yourself through my lens of love and capture your beauty and sensuality that radiates from the inside out! In case you don’t know it, I call boudoir photos a love letter to yourself.

So, whether you simply want to discover a side of yourself that you never knew existed, or whether you want to do something special for the one you love (especially if that’s YOU!) - know that these photo sessions can be done for any reason because at the end of the day, it is all about YOU and your desires.


What to Expect Before and During the Photoshoot

Because I want to deliver on your vision and don’t even want to be a stranger with a camera on the day of your shoot, we always meet first via a Zoom Session Design Consultation. Here is where we will discuss your aesthetic for your sexy photos, plus what you love about your body (or wish to love more) and how you want to see yourself in your photos. And, if you’re looking for boudoir outfits, heels or accessories, I will send you a list of trusted lingerie boutiques that will complement your body and style and budget.

On the day of your photoshoot, you will get gorgeous professional hair and makeup done to bring out your VaVaVoom. I will ask you to arrive with a clean, moisturized face and dry hair. Trust me when I say this, we will have you looking sexy and will leave you truly feeling good about yourself and the results.

As for the shoot itself: just bring music that makes you feel sultry and puts in you in great headspace, I will do the rest. You will never have to think, ‘do I look beautiful?’ or ‘do I look sexy?’ - because I will gently guide you and pose you from your eyes to lips to fingertips to toes within an inch of your life (and you will thank me for it!).

The Boudoir Photos Themselves

Expertly posed and beautifully captured - we will address what you love and what you see as an issue.

If cellulite or tummy or whatever you see as a concern, do not worry - we will address with said poses and correct lighting, even a bit of skin smoothing in post production if need be. When it comes to Photoshop, we do take advantage of this tool to give the photos an overall polished and cinematic look. That being said, I want you to see yourself AS YOU ARE, so I do NOT do anything more than remove blemishes and distractions. Overall this session is completely catered to you, and we want you to leave feeling satisfied and fully confident in your body!

If you feel that you want to take part in a boudoir session, contact us today! If you feel that you need more information before jumping into it, learn more about boudoir on our website. Always remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!