5 Questions to Ask A Boudoir Photographer Before Hiring Them | Boudoir Photography NYC

Want your boudoir photography experience to be AMAZING, empowering, custom-tailored to your unique personality & beauty -- and to make you feel great in every way , every step of the way -- all while culminating in gorgeous artful photographs (read: you, as a modern day art masterpiece)?

As a featured and awarded boudoir photographer in NYC, here are the 5 ‘must ask’ questions I recommend you should ask when interviewing your boudoir photographer before hiring them, below.


1. “Are the photos featured on your website & social media photos of your actual boudoir clients (read: every day non-model women) - or are they photos of professional models?”

Believe it or not, this is a GREAT first question to ask the prospective professional boudoir photographer you plan to work with.


Because snapping a beautiful photo of a model who is comfortable in front of the camera, who ‘knows her best angles’ and knows how to ‘work the camera,' who knows how to avoid exaggerated facial expressions or awkward poses (without much input from the photographer!) is way, WAY different (and less difficult) than the photographer knowing how to expertly pose and guide an often shy and nervous (non-model) woman to a gorgeous boudoir photo of herself -- all the while delivering for her a fun and empowering boudoir photo shoot experience.

Why would that be, you ask?

For starters, unlike a model, the average 'non-model' woman often has certain apprehensions or fears when it comes to being in front of the camera (ummm, I certainly do). She often also has fears and pre-conceived notions about her perceived inability to get a good picture of herself. In my experience, I'd say most clients coming to work with me confess on their booking call to being initially one or other (or all!) of the following:

  • afraid of/nervous in front of the camera
  • afraid of being awkward, of not knowing how to pose or 'look sexy' or what to do with their hands, their face, their lips, their whole body
  • afraid of not being photogenic and never looking good in a photo

Funny (not funny!) - many of these same clients also confess to having achieved 'laughable results' with former boudoir photo attempts, caused by either:

  • having tried to (badly) DIY their boudoir photos themselves - or with the help of equally inexperienced photographer partners/friends
  • having worked with a photographer who's claimed to know how to photograph boudoir - who in reality had no clue how to direct a client to a great experience and a beautiful, tasteful, sexy picture

When you add it all up, it's easy to see how the fears/nervousness of non-model women, coupled with inexperienced boudoir photography skills, can create less than desirable results.

So when you want great photos AND a great experience as a non-model? Hire a photographer whose business is built on making non-model women look and feel like SuperModels. They'll let you know that:

1. It's not just OK, it's perfectly normal to be a bit (or alot) nervous in front of the camera. Most of my clients are (and so am I, should you flip that camera around!).

But if the photographer who's used to working with mostly models isn't experienced in addressing non-model nervousness of clients not so comfortable with the camera - or doesn't provide proper posing and emotional guidance during the boudoir photoshoot experience - this can feed the client's discomfort, which can then in turn fuel the client's awkwardness, which can ultimately make the experience uncomfortable and unrewarding, and in turn create photos that are mediocre at best. And some would call this the road to 'laughable results.' Which is neither funny, nor what you want from your experience.

2. It's also perfectly normal to NOT know how to pose for your boudoir photos. Because a professional boudoir photographer. specializing in boudoir and in photographing non-model women, will guide you in easy to follow steps and prompts to looking like a SuperModel in your photos, every step of the way -- all the while providing for you a fun, judgment-free, comfortable and relaxed environment -- so that your fears melt away while your beauty and sexiness shines through in each and every photo.

Remember: when getting boudoir photos done, you want to work with a talented, experienced and professional boudoir photographer with extensive knowledge of working with and posing non-models, a photographer who knows how to put you at ease while creating the most gorgeous photos of a non-model woman - like you. Because you deserve someone who knows to capture your best shots, your best angles - and deliver the best overall experience, making YOU a SuperModel diva for the day (without you having any prior professional model experience)!


2. “How do you work with your boudoir clients so that the photos are unique to them & represent their own unique aesthetic vision?”

Before your photographer every points a camera your way, that photographer should already know your comfort level, tastes, what you find sexy, what you love about your body (and what you might wish to love on more) - as well as your overall aesthetic vision for your boudoir photos.

Whether it's by having you fill out an in-depth questionnaire prior to the shoot, or better yet, by jumping on a Zoom with you for your Boudoir Session Design Consultation - your boudoir photographer should know as many details about what makes you smile, jump for joy, or find sexy/seductive, as possible ahead of your photo session.


1. Because what you find sexy is unique to you - and often is so very different than what your friends or my other clients (or I) find sexy. Plus, it's usually a combination of things, not just one thing! And shouldn't your vision of 'sexy' shine through in your boudoir photos?


2. Because a GREAT photograph is as complex, layered, emotional and emotive as you are. And the fool-proof way to create such stunning, gorgeous photographs of YOU is by speaking to the things that spark passion and joy in you, as is by having you dressed and posed or even shot from an angle that speaks best to who and what you are and desire.

Remember: when getting boudoir photos done, you want to work with someone who takes the time to understand what make you unique and who strives to capture your own 'one of a kind' sexy - so that your photos are as personal and unique as you are (and not some cookie cutter version of ‘sexiness’ someone imposed onto you).


3. “Who gets to see my photos? Are they private?”

Trusting your boudoir photographer to have your best interest in mind is key. That’s why you should always ask these very important questions regarding the privacy of your photos.

Beware of boudoir photographers whose condition for taking you on as a client depends on their sharing photos of you from your session together on social media/website/portfolio - without your wanting them to and giving them explicit permission to.

At no time in your boudoir experience should you feel pushed, pressured or in any way coerced to do anything you are not 100% comfortable with - and that includes not ever having to compromise on your views on what the privacy of your photos should be.

Of course, most (if not all) photographers who love working with you and love your photos as much as you do might ask for permission to share your photos - but that is usually not until you have already seen your photos and can make an educated decision on where/how these photos may be used, or by whom.

It should always be up to you how much or how little (to none) you want to share from your session publicly.

Read more about the privacy levels for your boudoir photos every photographer should ask your permission about.

Remember: a professional boudoir photographer you want to work with will respect your privacy on who gets to see your photos (some, any, none) and will never pressure you in any aspect of your experience.


4. “Where will the boudoir photoshoot take place?”

Some photographers will have their own studio, but others will photograph on location - in the privacy of your own home, at a hotel or studio you might wish to rent, or somewhere gorgeous outdoors. Inquire into the location for your boudoir photo shoot and if you have somewhere special in mind, do make sure to discuss it.

Find out why the photographer likes to photograph where they do, and make sure to ask how the location will ensure the creation of the best photos of you (while also keeping your photos unique and in line with your aesthetic vision).

Remember: a talented boudoir photographer can work in many locations to achieve stunning photos of you - factoring in light, ambiance, artistry, comfort and safety for the perfect overall experience and photograph.


5. “Do you retouch the final photos your clients receive?”

Flyaway tamed, snag in stocking gone, skin smoothed, pimple banished, black and blue back to unblemished - isn’t life better when life’s little annoying oops and distractions don’t ruin the day or ruin an otherwise gorgeous photo of you? Even if there is no such ‘distraction’ involved in your boudoir photos - and you are looking ‘flawless’ as can be - polishing up a photo can take it from good to YAWZA!

Remember: you want to work with a boudoir photographer who uses a little bit of magic in retouching that makes your photos sparkle - without making you look like someone else. After all, you are getting boudoir photos done so you love the YOU you see, not feel jealous of the ‘her’ you see in your photos (but could never attain to).

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