Got Curves? 3 Reasons To Do A Boudoir Photoshoot! | NYC Boudoir Photographer

Are you curvy and/or plus sized and looking for curvy boudoir photography ideas? Been toying with the idea of boudoir photos - but then pushed the thought out of your mind, thinking that boudoir photos are only for less curvy women? That somehow you're not thin enough to look sexy, that perhaps you need to lose X lbs to be 'camera ready'? Afraid that the photos will prove to you or magnify all those things you nitpick and tear down about yourself when you look in the mirror?

Well, my beauty: Think again! Boudoir is for every woman to celebrate herself and her curves, in her NOW (not X lbs less from now) - including plus size women. And those boudoir photos? They'll help you to love the woman you see in the mirror and to recognize her as HOT, worthy, enough - plus sized, curves and all.

Don't believe me? Here are three reasons why plus size curvy women should give boudoir a chance.


Celebrate your curves with boudoir and love yourself that much more - Boudoir New York City

Boudoir Skyrockets Your Confidence & Makes Your Proud of Your Curves

Ms. S., a stay at home mom of three from Westchester NY, did her boudoir photoshoot with me because she 'felt like (she) just lost (her) pizzaz and sexiness.' She claims to have always dreamt of doing a boudoir photoshoot but put it off until we met each other.

Here is what Ms. S had to say about why as a curvy woman, doing the boudoir photoshoot made her see herself in a new way and realize her beauty -- plus boost her confidence:

'This boudoir shoot shot my self confidence through the roof as well as made me re-aware of how beautiful myself and my body is.

During the shoot, I expected myself to be shy and full of giggles to hide my lack of self confidence but Andreea brought that confidence right out of me.

Thinking back, if I could change one thing it would have been to book this sooner! Andreea’s pep talk really helped me feel beautiful and sexy with all my flaws.

I highly recommend other women do a boudoir shoot specifically with Andreea because she knows her stuff!!! She was on the sidelines cheering me on as I changed my poses up on my own after her initial guidance.

This experience made me realize how beautiful I AM still and how proud of myself and my curves I should be!' ~ Ms. S.


Boudoir Helps Silence Your Inner Critic & Helps Ameliorate Body Image Issues

Ms. D from Long Island, NY had had boudoir on her bucket list -- but she had never really thought boudoir is for her.

She tells Well+Good Magazine in her interview about our boudoir photoshoot together that she had 'long struggled with body image issues and that she'd thought, “women who take photos in lingerie typically aren’t women who look like me…they’re petite, thin, and super-fit.” But when a few health scares proved a powerful reminder of all that her body could do—and how fleeting life can be -- Ms. D took it as a sign to finally commit to the shoot. Though the boudoir photos were intended to be a gift for her boyfriend, the biggest beneficiary, she says, was herself.

For Mr. D, the real gift of a boudoir shoot was in reclaiming self-confidence and self-love. “The photoshoot opened my eyes to my true self.” Typically, she’d look at a photo of herself or see herself in the mirror, and her inner monologue of self-criticism would begin.

But when she saw the boudoir pictures, that voice was nowhere to be heard. Instead, she realized what she’d always known, deep-down, to be true: “I was like, ‘Wow, I really am my own worst critic because that woman in the photos? Oh, she’s hot.’

Ms. D relayed to me as well after our boudoir shoot together, 'I honestly thought I wasn't going to get any good pictures because of how I felt about my body but I was proven very wrong.

This shoot helped my self image so much. I used to really pick apart myself when I looked in the mirror but now I've learned to be a lot kinder because even the things I believe to be flaws were part of creating my beautiful pictures.

I would recommend other women to do their own boudoir photoshoot because it is a fantastic way to open your own eyes to the beauty that others see but you may struggle seeing yourself. It's also a fantastic way to step out of your comfort zone.' ~ Ms. D

Amen to that, I say!


Boudoir Helps You Love Yourself and Love the Sexy Woman You Truly Are

Sometimes, life gets in the way. Health issues - from small to big and scary, like cancer - get in the way. Grief gets in the way. Stress gets in the way. Being a mom or being a businesswoman (or both) gets in the way. In the way of what, you say?

In the way of you loving yourself and seeing yourself for the sexy woman you truly are. You forget. Or you bury it deep. You think she is gone. Sometimes you think she never existed. But she is there awaiting for you to find her and love her and celebrate her -- and a boudoir photoshoot is there just for that.

For Ms. M from Brooklyn, NY, it was all of the above. She had put off doing another boudoir shoot together because she thought her having put on weight since our last shoot, and all the grief and stress and life in between, would make her hate to see what she saw in her photos now. She also thought the sexy woman she used to be, no longer existed.

But then, Ms. M decided, no, she WILLED herself to be brave. She pushed herself to step fiercely into an experience that scared her -- and she ended up falling in love with herself again.

After seeing her photos, Ms. M declared, 'I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles……..' ~ Ms. M.

And frankly, loving yourself for who you are and recognizing yourself sexy - that is the best kind of miracle, or gift you can give yourself. Bar none.

If you yourself have been thinking about a curvy boudoir photoshoot - but your desire has been quelled by your worst inner critic, by body image issues, by the belief that you're too curvy or not thin enough or not hot or sexy enough --- isn't it time you said ENOUGH to insecurities, and just went for it? Because you deserve to feel confident, sexy, beautiful and worthy in your body and your curves. And the time is now.

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