4 Ways Andreea B. Ballen Is Empowering Women

As the owner of Boudoir by Andreea B. Ballen Photography, I’m passionate about self-empowerment and self-discovery. I love helping women recognize their own beauty and feel confident in their own body! When you and I work together, you can expect not just expertly posed and beautifully captured images - but also a transformative, self-love experience that will have a positive impact beyond the photos themselves.

Through my boudoir photoshoots in Brooklyn, NY (to the five borough, Long Island, Westchester and beyond), I empower women to be themselves and love themselves quite a bit more than before. Keep reading to learn how.

By Boosting Confidence

I’m a huge believer in and supporter of the body love movement. I believe that every body is perfect and deserves to be appreciated and celebrated - and loved! Yours is no exception. After you enjoy a boudoir shoot experience with me, you’ll get a boost in your own body confidence.

How? Boudoir lets you view your body and your beauty in a whole new light. You’ll finally see yourself as the sexy and gorgeous woman you are, which makes accepting yourself that much easier.

Many clients report finally seeing the beauty others have told them they posses, a beauty they themselves never saw nor believed when looking in the mirror - that is, not until they saw the images we created together and finally believed their beauty to be true.

There’s no better way to elevate your self-esteem than by participating in a confidence boosting boudoir session.

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NYC Boudoir Hotel Session - wearing nothing but the sheets can be super sexy

By Increasing Self-Love and Body Love

Every woman needs self-love. When you learn to truly love yourself inside and out, you’ll be better at loving the other people in your life. Plus, self-love means appreciating and respecting yourself that much more. Female empowerment starts with self-love!

Book a boudoir photoshoot with me, and you’ll quickly increase yours. I want to help you celebrate your body and beauty - throughout all the stages of your life. I promise, after you take one look at your images and the art we created together - the art of YOU! - you’ll fall in love with the stunning woman you are in your now.

No matter what flaws you believe you might have, you’ll be able to look past them and admire yourself as a whole, beautiful, powerful, worthy - and worthy of love - person. Body love photography increases self love!


By Discovering Sensuality

Many women feel disconnected from their own sensuality at one point or another- and some even claim to never have thought ‘that’ of themselves at all, ever. At Andreea B. Ballen Photography, I feel compelled to help them fix that. I love reminding women that they’re sexy!

Boudoir photo sessions are my favorite way to go about doing that. My clients say they leave our photoshoots feeling fabulous, empowered, and beautiful inside and out. No matter how nervous you feel at the beginning, I can promise that you’ll feel like a queen and love every image we get by the end! And, best of all, you’ll rediscover and feel more connected with your sensuality.


By Creating a Delightfully Exhilarating and Fun Experience

Throughout our working together to your boudoir shoot, I want you to have a truly enjoyable experience that is memorable in the best way. If you don’t have fun, I haven’t done my job well!

As we go along our shoot you will start feeling more and more comfortable, and soon our session together will be nothing short of delightful (and delightfully exhilarating).

A boudoir photoshoot experience can indeed be life-changing for some women. It reveals a bold and sexy side that many have never even seen before! But, once it comes out, you won’t want to hide it anymore. You’ll embrace your body, beauty, and femininity. And there’s nothing more delightful nor fun than being the best, most badass version of yourself.


Through my boudoir photoshoots here at Andreea B. Ballen Photography in Brooklyn, NY! , I empower my clients by boosting their confidence, helping them discover their sensuality, increasing self-love, and creating an overall delightful experience. You deserve to feel beautiful, so start your journey today.